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Surgical treatment of all endocrine glands (parathyroid, adrenal gland) and malignant diseases of the body, especially goitre (thyroid gland) disease which is common in our country, is performed. Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up programs of all breast diseases are carried out. All surgical options are applied in breast cancer treatment. Surgical treatment of diseases of the anal region such as hemorrhoids (fissures), fistulas, sinus pilonidal (hair follicles), which are quite common in society, as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the large intestine are carried out.


  Op. Dr. Feridun Fikret SOYSAL
 Date of Birth / Place:10.02.1956 / Haymana

Education İnformation:

  • 1972 Ankara Başkent High School
  • 04.08.1978 Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

  • 01.06.1982-20.10.1986 İstanbul Vakıf Gureba Hospital, Specialized in General Surgery

Work Experience:

  • 17.09.1978  Ağrı Tutak Health Center Chief Physician
  • 15.08.1980-31.12.1981  Kandıra 197. İnfantry Regiment Doctor Tabip Astğm.
  • 01.01.1982-06.06.1982  Ağrı  Health Center Chief Physician
  • 15.06.1982-20.10.1986  Vakıf Gureba General Surgery Expertise
  • 20.10.1986-07.07.1989  Artvin Devlet Hastanesi General Surgery Expertise
  • 15.07.1989-06.06.1994  Borçka SSK Hospital Chief Physician
  • 06.06.1994-06.06.2010  Trabzon Fatih State Hospital
  • 06.06.2010-20.10.2013  Marmaris State Hospital
  • 20.10.2013- ....               Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital
  • 1994 Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine Laparoscopy Course

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 Op. Dr. Mevlüt Uğur ARIKAN  Op. Dr. Özgür İBİŞ   Op. Dr. Hasan BATI  

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infantry regiment
infantry regiment