Pediatric Health and Diseases

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The Department of Child Health and Diseases has been organized to provide examination, treatment and preventive health services for children and adolescents between 0-16 years of age.
Beginning at birth, child health and disease specialists and physicians specializing in lower branches. For our system, health services are provided for every child and child.


 Spect. Dr. Orçun DABAK   Spect. Dr. Ayşenur ÖZEL DOĞRUÖZ
Date of Birth / Place : 01.08.1980/MERZİFON

Education İnformation:

  • 1994-1998 Maltepe Military High Scool
  • 1998-2004 GATA Faculty of Medicine 
  • 2007-2011 GATA Child Health and Disease Training

Work Experience:

  • 2011-2013 Beytepe Military Hospital Child Health
  • 2013-2016 Etimesgut Beytepe Military Hospital Child Health 
  • 2016-... Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital
  Date of Birth / Place : 21.03.1986/ESKİŞEHİR

Education İnformation:

  • 2004-2010 Marmara University Faculty of Medicine
  • Mart 2011-Mart 2015 Ankara Dr. Sami Children's Hospital
    pediatric assistant)
  • Mayıs 2014 Columbia University Medical Faculty Pediatric Neurology

Work Experience:

  • Ağustos 2010-Mart 2011 Arnavutköy State Hospital
  • Mart 2011-Mart 2015 Ankara Dr. Sami Ulus Children's Hospital
  • Ağustos 2015-Aralık 2015 Terme State Hospital
  • Ocak-Nisan 2016 Samsun Birth House
  • Mayıs 2016-... Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital

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 özlem boğa.jpg

 Spect. Dr. Melda KIRTAY  Spect. Dr. Özlem BUĞA KILIÇLI  
    Date of Birth / Place: 01.01.1980/KIRIKHAN

Education İnformation:

  • 1991-1998 Ali Güral Anatolian High School/Kütahya
  • 1998-2004 Ege University Faculty of Medicine

Work Experience:

  • 2009-2013 CBÜ Child Health and Disease 
  • 2014-2017 Kiraz State Hospital 
  • 2017-... Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital

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